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Voice Inclusivity

We translate educational material and videos to empower our global cacao and chocolate communities to reach their highest potential


We believe in the power of education and discovery. By translating content into various languages, United by Chocolate (UBC) wants to empower people and communities to dream bigger and reach their highest potential. By giving rise to a more knowledge equitable community, we stand better prepared to develop a stronger and more equitable cacao and chocolate industry of the future.     

“Access to education is part of this story. According to a 2011 survey of small-scale cacao farmers associated with Fortaleza del Valle, less than 28% completed high school, only 2% pursued higher education, and the rest received a primary education or less. Lesser levels of education combined with minimal economic incentive are not fertile conditions for high-quality performance in any field, including agriculture — and this certainly applies to the cacao sector.

~ Jerry Toth ( To’ak Chocolate )

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